Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 Months post ACL surgery

Well, its been almost a couple months since I last posted here and around 10 months since my surgery and since i started this blog. It appears that this blog is helping out a lot of people. I see a lot of comments being posted and a lot of people offering advice as well. Good luck to everyone who is having their knees operated on. Its not the end of the world. Remember to stick with your physio program and you'll be fine. Hopefully you will find some helpful information as you navigate through this blog.

An update on me, I ran my first post ACL surgery 5 km race last weekend. I finished at a time of 21 minutes and 48 seconds. I placed 3rd in my age group (35-39) and 19th overall out of about 400 people. Not too shabby. I did feel a bit of the "Jumper's Knee" discomfort for a couple days after the race but all in all it felt good. I have already signed up for another 5 km race in Toronto for April 4th. I'm currently running distances of about 3.5 to 5km for my training and concentrating on speed more than anything.

I also started playing squash again today for the first time in years. I didn't go all out but the knee felt stable which is a good sign.

That's it for this post. Feel free to continue to leave comments or questions and I'll try my best at responded to all of them. I'll also try to post something new from time to time.

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