Thursday, April 30, 2009

11 Months Post ACL Surgery

Well, just a short update here for the readers out there. Im closing in on a year post ACL surgery and Ive started Rollerblading and if you've read my earlier posts, you know Ive been doing some jogging. I've got three 5km races under my belt in the last 3 months. My best time was 21:27 just last weekend finishing second in my age group (30-39). The knee feels pretty good. I do suffer from Shin splints when i run or roller blade long distances. Even to this day I still feel a bit of the "Jumper's Knee" on my patella, but so far, it has not stopped me from keeping active and with the Summer weather not too far off, I'm hoping for a very eventful "Summer of Steve".

Anyway, I plan to continue posting the odd time here. A lot of people have been posting comments helping out one another and thats great. Hopefully that will continue and I will also try and give some advice when i can.

Good luck to anyone reading this and about to go through ACL surgery. Be sure to scan through the history of this blog for some helpful tips on how to get through it all.

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