Saturday, June 6, 2009

1 Year Post ACL Surgery

Well, its been a little over a year since my ACL surgery back on May 22nd 2008, and for the most part, my knee has been feeling pretty good. I competed in a 5 km placed me 1st in my age group (35-39) and 29th overall out of over 1,100 people. I've also been doing a lot of rollerblading this spring which has not aggravated it at all. Overall, most of the activities I have chosen have been very good on my knee.

One thing I have found my knee does not like is Squash. I've played about 20 games this year and the last game I played, I felt a little "give" on a quick stop. I was able to keep playing but the next few days following, my knee was a little sore and i could feel some very minor swelling on the inside. So needless to say, I'm retiring from the game of Squash and will concentrate on Running, Mountain Biking and Rollerblading this Spring/Summer/Fall and also will be looking for new activities to participate in.

I'm glad to see there are a lot of readers out there posting, asking questions and answering questions. Keep it up people. I'm happy this blog is turning out to be a good read for a lot of you out there.

If you're new to my blog and are about to have ACL surgery on one of your knees, be sure to check the blog history on the left hand side of your screen for some very helpful information.

Hopefully you all have a great summer. I will continue posting thoughout the summer and try to answer whatever questions I can so be sure to leave some comments.

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