Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week 6 - ACL Surgery Recovery

Its been 6 weeks since my ACL reconstruction surgery. The scar is healing nicely and the scar tissue seems to have gone down quite a bit due to the hardcore massaging i had to do. With regards to pain, i mostly get it in the back of the knee which I'm told is normal. Right now, my physio schedule basically starts with 1/2 an hour on the exercise bike, then 1/2 an hour of strength training then 1/2 an hour of various balance exercises then 1/2 an hour in the Swimex pool.

In addition to the pool exercises outlined in week 5 bloog ( ), this week in the Swimex, I was allowed to added some basic kicking against the current.So basically, with the pool jets set at a reasonably strong current shooting against you, you would use a floating board if you're not a strong swimmer, to support your upper body, you would kick to try and keep yourself from being pushed back. At this point, you're not allowed to do any kind of whip kicks or side kicks, just basic kicking. I really like the Swimex but the next day, my knee is very sore, again, mostly in the back.
The other new exercise i did this week was out of the pool involved the use of a resistance band wrapped around my ankles and then stepping though a side to side pattern on the floor. I've actually created a diagram you will see below. You must step in and out of each box one leg at a time. I've numbered each spot in the order you're suppose to step. The exercise band really helps strenghten the outer part of your legs muscles. I've added it to my recommended products on the left hand side as i feel they are very useful and relatively cheap.

Well, thats it for this week. I see my surgeon for a follow up appointment on tuesday July 8th and then I'm off for vacation to the Dominican on July 11th. Hopefully i'll get a chance to do a week 7 update before i leave. Thanks for reading my blog on ACL surgery and recovery. If you have any questions, add it to the comment section and i'll reply.


  1. Hey Dude... I just wanted to ask you ... did you use any lubricant when rubbing the scar? My therapist recomended any Vitamin E-based lotion to do that... Good job with the blog... you're probably healthy at this point when I'm writing.

  2. It can't hurt but i didnt use any lotion. I wouldnt say im completely healed at this point, not good enough for sports anyways. Thanks for reading, hopefully its helping some people out.

  3. I was wonder how long from when the surgery took place,...when were u able 2 actually walk? I'm worried because I do not want 2 be worse off. THANKS!!!

  4. Today is my sixth week after acl surgery. I'm wondering, how long did it take you until you were able to fully bend your knee. I'm about 10 to 15 degrees from being able to bend it all the way. Can you please let me know if I am doing okay or I I'm a little behind? I would greatly appreciated. Just in case I'm 17 years old and 6 feet tall. I hope that you can help me. Thank you (:

  5. im 3 months since my surgery and im still about 10 degrees off my norm but i tore both my acl and pcl. but i would say your doing good, but everyone is different.


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