Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Week 25 - ACL Surgery Recovery

Welcome to my ACL surgery recovery blog. If you're about to have, or have just had your ACL surgically repaired and are looking to get an idea of what the recovery stage is like, you've come to the right place. One the left hand side of your screen (Scroll down a bit), you'll see a Blog Archive that goes through my personal recovery stage week by week. Hopefully some of you will find this information some what helpful. Its hard to think during the first week or two after knee surgery that you'll ever get your knee back to the condition it was in prior to your surgery but with a lot of hard work and proper direction from a physiotherapist, it is almost certainly possible.

I'm up to week 25 and generally the knee feels pretty good. This past week I've incorporated 3 days of treadmill running into my routine, but only 10 minutes. I will run for 1 minute and walk for 30 seconds and repeat. Yesterday I increased the running to 13 minutes at my physio appointment. My knee is a little sore the next day but not too bad. I still feel the jumper's knee a little bit which is expected. That's not something that goes away quickly apparently. I don't plan on pushing it too much more until the Jumper's knee is not bothering me at all anymore.

I'll go over a new "cutting" drill that I've learned at physio this past week. If you're currently in the post surgery recovery stage, please don't try this unless you've got a medical professionals consent. If you're knee is not at a stage where it's not strong enough to handle these kinds of movementes, you may re-injure it.

This drill is simply called the "H" Drill. I've drawn up a rough diagram below of how it is performed. This drill is great for people who are trying to get back into sports like basketball, soccer, tennis just to name a few sports. It will help your surgically repaired knee get use to quick start & stop running and cuts again.

Line up 2 rows of 3 pylons. Each pylon in each row is about 15 feet apart and the 2 rows are about 20 feet apart from each other.

Step 1 - your starting point at the bottom of the row on the left hand side. Run the full length of the row at a good speed and make a quick stop (2).

Step 2 - run backwards as fast as you can to the middle pylon (3)

Step 3 - from the middle pylon, side shuffle to the right across to the other row's middle pylon (4)

Step 4 - run forwards to the top of the row (5)

Step 5 - now run backwards again all the way to the bottom of the row (6)

Step 6 - run forwards to the middle pylon (7)

Step 7 - from the middle pylon, side shuffle to the left across to the other row's middle pylon (8)

Step 8 - run backwards back to your starting point (9)

Repeat this drill about 5-10 times depending on what recovery level you're at.

That's it for this week. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog.

Thanks for reading my ACL Surgery Recovery blog. Be sure to check back next week for another update.

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