Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Ready for my first 5 km race post ACL surgery

If you're new a new reader to this blog and are looking for information about what the rehab process is like after ACL surgery, then be sure to check the BLOG ARCHIVE on the left hand side of the screen. I've blogged my progress on a weekly basis after I had my ACL reconstructed. Hopefully you will find it helpful.

Well, Im still only running about 3 km at a time at this point but I have been consistant trying to run 3 times per week. I've started bringing my dog along on these runs as she forces me to run faster. Eventually i'll work up to 5 km. I have about 5 weeks until my planned race.

The knee feels pretty good. I still have some mild soreness in my lower patella after runs where the jumper's knee problem was but it usually goes away the 2nd day after running. I have to remember to massage the tendon when it gets sore. I'll work my way up to 3.5 and 4km per run in the next week or 2.

Getting back into sports is a different issue. It is really a mental issue at this point. I definitely don't have the confidence to go back and start playing anything that requires quick turns and cuts since that is what got me into trouble in the first place. Having to go through another knee injury is not in my immediate plans. Summer registration is coming up in the next couple months so hopefully I will have the courage to go out and give sports a try again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

8 Months after ACL surgery

Well, its been about 5 weeks since I last reported on my ACL surgery recovery process. All seems to be going well. I did take a break from training over the Christmas holidays which I think helped my Jumpers Knee a lot.

I have started up some running again. I ran about 3 km straight the other day without any breaks and I am happy to report that was not that much discomfort at all in my patella during the running or the next day. Today I managed to do some sprinting on a treadmill with no ill effects either.

So the plan from here on in is to continue with some quad, hip and hamstring exercises that I've outlined throughout the past 8 months.

For those of you new to my blog, be sure to check out the Blog Archive on the menu portion of the screen. Hopefully it will help people out. I will try to report back from time to time on any new activities I try and how my knee feels afterwards. I do have a 5km race planned for March 2009 so I will work towards getting in shape for that.

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