Saturday, August 16, 2008

Week 12 - ACL Surgery Recovery

Im at 12 weeks in the recovery stage of post ACL surgery and this week in physio was the big week where we introduce a little bit of treadmill running into my regular routine. So after 30 minuites of biking and all my other exercises i got on the treadmill and started at it. Unfortunately i did not have the greatest results with this test. The treadmill routine is intervals of fast walking for 4:30 and then only run for 30 seconds - repeat for 30 minuites. Well right off the bat on my first interval of running i could feel discomfort in the front of my knee i would suspect in the patella and also the back of my knee a little bit. I was able to do these intervals for 20 minutes and my therapist suggest i stop due to the pain. I could've kept going but she did not want to take any unnecessary risks. Sure enough, the next couple days i was a bit sore and there was a little bit of swelling too.

Very frustracting considering the rest of my body was ready to push the running and wanted to keep going but my knee just couldnt handle it at this point in the recovery stage. Its probably the first thing that the theopist has given my that i was not able to complete.

The theropist suggested that i could try it again on my own during the week if i wanted but i might just stick to cycling for the rest of the week and hit the treadmill again at my appointment next week.

Thats it for my report this week. Thanks for reading my ACL SURGERY RECOVERY blog.

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