Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 13 - ACL Surgery Recovery

Welcome to my ACL surgery recovery blog where I have been giving week by week updates on my recovery since I had ACL surgery on my right knee back on May 22nd, 2008.

This is week 13 post surgery. Cycling is my main source of cardio exercise right now. I ride my bike hard for about 40 minutes as many times a week as I can get in. My physiotheropy program hasnt changed much in the last couple weeks. We're still focusing on the early stages of running which I am still having difficulty with due to the discomfort in the patella area of my knee. I am suppose to do fast walking on the treadmill for 4.5 minuites and then jog for 1/2 a munite and repeat for 30 minutes. The first week i tried it was week 12 and i had to stop after 20 minuites. This week, I did manage to go the full 30 minuites however, the discomfort was still there. Not as bad, but still there. My knee was sore for a couple days afterwards too.

Also at physio, they put me on this machine, which actually looks kind of old. It is called the Kin Con. I tried googling it but found very little information on it. Basically, it can test you knee's strength doing a variety of resistance tests. It looked like an expensive piece of equipment and seems to get the job done but as i mentioned it looks dated.

Thats it for this week. Next week, I'm suppose to start on a few new plyometric exercises and i'll also report on any progress with my running. In the last couple of weeks I've dropped down on my physio appointments to once a week. At $60 a session, its starting to eat into my wallet. Ive just had to make sure that i continue to do the perscribed exercises on my own.

Thanks for reading my ACL Surgery Recovery blog. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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  1. I feel your pain in those physical therapy appointments. Although my insurance covers most of the cost, I still have to pay a copay, and being a student, I have very little disposable income. It's been hard to maintain a rigorous PT schedule because of this monetary constraint.

    It sounds like your recovery regimen is going well. Keep it up!


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